Hey guys,

Almost a month ago my book became available for download on Amazon.  You can check it out here!

Check it out and leave a review!  This helps writers like me have our books be more visible on Amazon (as things like the category “Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Japanese & Haiku” are not exactly popular (my book is currently #7 there).

I’ve had to remove my posts here because the book’s been published, but I hope in the near future to add some other bits and ends about the hike, such as miles hiked each day, my mail drop plan, and gear list.

I do believe that it’s a really different look at a travelogue- summarizing an entire day’s events into its very essence, just a snapshot.  And that’s super relevant considering the twitter lifestyle of today.

Speaking of twitter!  We have a lot of twits who are just now assuming office.  I’m not in the US anymore, I have mixed feelings about this.

From my 7/4/16 entry:

The National Holiday


I’m from this place but

not Of it; I pass through but

no longer live Here.

We have some crazy stuff going on right now and I’m not sure what actions to take, living at sea, nationless.  And then basically spending my time in the US this year again in The Nature.  Well, I guess I can encourage thought, empathy;  try to be a kind person and an open one and importantly, an informed one.

In the meantime I am preparing for my upcoming PCT hike where I again hope to do some writing.  Will I write haikus again?  They are very low pressure and succinct, I sort of like that.  Or regular poetry, so I can say more?  Or even blogging-forrealskies?  Well, I’ve got a while before I even get out there.


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