Last training hikes


Pretty much every day for the last week and a half it’s been go here and go there.  Sleeping at a different house almost every night (thanks- Amy, Shannon, PJ, Nick, Chris, Erin, mom/dad, and the 3 hotels I stayed at).  I did manage to get a little hiking done as the dust started to settle with my friend Chris here in LA.  Kinda sucks as we had/have so much in common, including liking to hike! but usually I lived very far from him and with crazy schedules as musicians who have other interests/jobs, just really couldn’t work it out when I actually lived here.

We did a couple hikes he likes to go on- a nice 9 mile hike to the Tree of Knowledge, Cahuenga Peak, and the Hollywood Sign; another day with two 5 mile hikes (Debs Park and Elysian Park), and today some sorta 6 mile loop that ended up at the Self-Realization Fellowship Center on Mt. Washington.  I was pretty happy that even at a relaxed pace with 1-2k feet elevation change up/down on each hike we still hit 3mph, which is a whole mile or so faster per hour than I usually hiked on the AT.  Do I know how to hike now?  My friend likes to take pictures which is great because I hate taking pictures.  I decided to steal them for this blog (though if you have permission, is it stealing?  I dunno.  Check his instagram out @schellmusic)

It’s so bizarre to have all these trails and secret stairways right in the center of Los Angeles.  Apparently there are coyotes and a bobcat living back there.  This is just such a super random city/urban area.  A lot of my friends seem to be moving to the next part of their lives, this is probably one of the last times in this area for me.  I guess after this Octoberish when I come back to grab my laptop and trumpet that might be it for visiting LA in the forseeable future.  I hope to hit up the new Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica mountains, and a couple hikes by Palm Desert (including the Cactus to Clouds trail).  I almost talked my friend into the C2C trail, but once he looked up the information in more detail, and the weather report (it snowed up in the mountains this weekend!) it was a no-go.  Hopefully for this fall tho!

Tomorrow I take the train to San Diego where the awesome trail angels Scout and Frodo will pick me up and deliver me to the PCT on Friday- woot.  Finally you will see some poetry and/or posts that are actually on the trail.

In the meantime here’s a few more pics!


Right before the sky opened up



city hikin

Trails/mountains right next to the highway WTF LA


The rare and elusive urban hiker.


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