Day 1

22.4 miles

At scout/frodos yesterday, really surprised

1. How many first time long distance hikers

2. How many foreigners

3. How many couples.
Well of course that last one set the usual loneliness/frustration off, but I’m dealing.  Just feeling really out of place.
Being the only “experienced” thru hiker I get it in my head I have to prove Something with all the Aussie/NZ/European super fit kids around.  But in all honesty- the PCT is pretty cruiser!  We start around 730 from the monument and before 1 I’m at Hauser Creek at mile 15.4.  Do I know how to hike finally?  I was the turtle on the AT.
I told myself I wouldn’t go past Lake Morena at mile 20 so I siesta for 2 hrs before the big ascent out of the creek.  Team International passes me during this time; they can’t stop, they’re afraid they won’t be able to start up again.  It’s a little rough, especially because I can’t manage to secure my umbrella properly like before, but I still get to Lake Morena and take a shower before 5.

It seems too early to stop!  I’m used to hiking until 6 or 7 or later just to get 16-20 miles done on the AT.  I backtrack to the grocery where I down instant refried beans with 1.5 RC colas and pack out the rest in my plastic container.  This proves to be a fail as it somehow leaks out my pack and down my legs.
I’ve too much adrenaline; I’ve gotta hike a little more.  I find a spot with a nice view as the sun goes down but my stakes won’t go in the ground so I do some ghetto-ass rig-up of my hexamid tarp.
Somehow there’s a mosquito here.  A lot of unexpected things today- quite a bit of biting flies to go with the mozzies, tons of bunny rabbos, and of course lots of water.  To quote a French hiker, “There’s more water than shadows on the trail!”


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