Day 6

0 miles

So on the AT I only took 5 zeroes the whole trail.  For this reason I decided to take at least 5 zeroes by Kennedy Meadows.  I’m happily here at Mountain Valley Resort just a few miles before Warner Springs, also a nice place to chill, but F it.  Chery is letting me do a trade for my stay, which is great because although I have more funds saved up this year than last year, I’m not rolling in the Benjamins or anything.

I wake up early to finish laundry but immediately go back under the covers and finish the book I started yesterday.  Eventually I make myself presentable, put on some joe, hang out in the common area updating my blog.  I eat refried beans rehydrated with warm water for breakfast, a total luxury.  I sift through my resupply box and confirm I’ve way too much food again and ditch like 10 larabars, more beans, electrolyte drink, and protein drink.  I chat with the guy from Tassie who is going to try hiking to Warner Springs tomorrow and see how his foot holds up.  Once in a while there’s an attempt at cat therapy with one of the resident only-mildly-interested-in-me cats.

Not-so-interested-in-me cat

Cute and only-slightly-more-interested-in-me cat

Pamplemousse messages me from Warner Springs, it’s a decent scene, she’ll see me on Friday in Idyllwild?  Sounds good, 2 25ers.
My hair is bothering me, I washed it with soap that I think was Dr Bronner’s.  Good stuff but always makes my hair greasy.   I realise the henna I used about 2 weeks ago has almost completely worn off and I can see most of my greys again.  Why am I so self-conscious about this stuff, on the trail of all places.  I poop a couple times which is awesome as I still have not pooped on the actual trail yet.  Also maybe attributable to the coffe this morning and the giant dinner last night that included fresh veggies.

Another bowl of refried beans, a chocolate bar, and I’m wanting a nap.  I have more weird dreams.  There’s one where I’m at MVR in bed but I realise it’s different, I’m dreaming, and it’s then I realise Chery’s knocking on the door.  “Can we do the trade in say, an hour?”  Sure!

Slowly I fully regain consciousness and centeredness or whatever and then do the treatment.  There’s going to be grassfed beef, and vegetables, and rice for dinner.  Yay!  She has to go out at 7am tomorrow and can give us a ride to the trail which is perfect.  I have another cup of coffee and write my post for the day before heading off to dinner.

After dinner I decide to take the suggestion of Shea who is also staying/working? there and utilize the hot tub.  I’m afraid it will be too hot, but it’s perfect on this cold night.  Mouse (the cat) comes in and bunks up with me and I’m ready for sleep.


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