Day 8

24.5 + 1.2 miles roadwalk= 25.7 basically 26 again WHAT.

151.8 miles total

We wake up early in the trailer.  Irene? set the alarm for 5am.  I didn’t hear it but somehow I’m on the trail at 6:30 yet again.  How is this even happening, 7:30 was my usual AT start time.

Today is all about making miles. Hamburger miles.  The trail is not as well kept for a bit with a lot of rocks, it slows me a little, reminds me of the AT.
I’ve taken 3L water which is the most I’ve ever taken on trail (I know, I know, sob story.)  This way I don’t have to hike down to Tule Spring, where it seems the water is a bit off trail.  This turns out to be a good thing as it is super steep looking down to the spring.  F that.  10 miles done, break time!  A couple hikers pass me during this time.  I explain to a couple about the trailer I stayed in at Mike’s.  “It was like Jenga, but with bunks and mattresses!”  Ok, time to go!

I’m fading as the sun is turning up the volume.  Just before noon I stop by some giant boulders providing some shade to siesta for almost an hour and a half.  Just what I needed!  I feel a little recharged.

It’s getting pretty exposed at this point, so time for music- a couple of Jamiroquai albums.  During this time I come to the shocking conclusion that sunglasses make the desert more colorful, because of the filter.  Duhhhhh.  The first water cache I get to is empty but Walden, a few miles later, is full.  All the hikers who passed me during siesta are there.  Not much shade.  I super appreciate the cutouts of Thoreau on sticks there.

In chatting with the other hikers I show them my blisters (I have 3 already, which is weird since I didn’t have any on the AT until I switched shoes, and those were tiny) and talk excitedly about how I’m going to pop them when I get to Idyllwild.  “You know that feeling of pleasure you get when you pop a pimple?  Like that, but much bigger.  I’m going to use an acupuncture needle, it’s perfect for this, already sterilized.”  Am I hikertrash or acutrash?  I’m not really sure.  5.8lb Baseweight Guy says, “Hey, yeah, I actually got one today too.  I could feel it but I didn’t think it would look like this.

“Ewwwwww!  Awesome!!!!” We all scream.

Definitely my blister is in second place.  How do you even get a blister there.

Well, not much more to do after something like that except hike.  6.5 miles to go.  Some people are exhausted by the heat.  One girl really wants to push on despite obviously having mild heat exhaustion.  “But I really want a burger!!!!” We all assure her the burgers aren’t going anywhere.

I’m dragging a little but then hit some downhill and some disco tracks on the audio.  Unfortunately this is followed by some uphill.   Arrrgggh!  Why at the end of the day??  I check Guthook…2.9 miles, 1.5 miles, .6 miles!

I get to the road around 6:15, there’s a huge spot for cars to pull over.  Perfect.  Annnnd, fail.  Cars of all types zoom by.  I get some waves, and the middle finger, twice.  Come on now, I’m in a dress, it shouldn’t be this hard.  Finally I give up and roadwalk to the cafe.  As I’m heading to the bathroom 2 patrons as me if it’s ok if the sit over there?  Ummm, I guess?  They thought I was working there.  I guess I was way more clean cut compared to the other hikers.  So why was it so hard to get a hitch?

It takes a good 15-20 minutes until they take my order and an hour for the burger to come out.  The fries are lukewarm, the whole thing is ok but definitely not the best burger in the world, let alone the trail- I already had a better one in Julian (at Rongbranch Restaurant).  Well.

Four of us try to hitch for a while before eventually calling it quits, and set up,our tents behind the restaurant (thanks, PVC!)


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