Day 9

0 miles

179.4 miles

Well, it does sorta have “idle” in Idyllwild…

I wake up pretty close to trail time.  No one else is up of the 10 or so people camped out behind the cafe.  I head to the toilet for a detox and eventually pack up, I’m at the road hitching by 7.  5.8 lb Pack Boy (people NEED to get some trail names already) sees me and moseys over, within 15 minutes we get a ride!  And, they give us a Reeses peanut butter cup immediately upon getting in the car!  Sweet.  We get dropped off in the middle of town, I’m not sure what to do, but there’s something wrong with my phone charger.  I go to the gas station which directs me to the market across the street.  No luck.  Time for all the town things!  I spend the next couple hours at the coffee shop drinking joe and updating my blog.  Then I head to the laundromat where I’ve heard there’s camping across.  There’s not, but I get my laundry done for 3 bucks while wearing borrowed clothes and chewing the fat with the proprietress who’s originally from Zacatecas.  “My kids never want to go outside,” she says, “it’s so different nowadays.  When I grew up I was number 9 of 11, we had our own soccer team wherever we went.  Of course we wanted to get out of our apartment.”  Can’t disagree with that.  Then I see a super amazing poster.

Yep, definitely zeroing now.

Laundry is over and I head to the park for a $3 campsite and $1 shower.  Fantastic deal.  I snagged some nice shampoo and conditioner from the hiker box.  So sue me, it’s not ultralight but I’m keeping it with me until Big Bear.  Thus refreshed, it’s time for minor surgery.

At first blister repair goes great.  I insert an acupuncture needle painlessly and gently press fluid out.  The blister bag shrinks down but eventually nothing else is coming out but the bag is not yet empty, my friend.  I can’t resist, I poke another hole in it.  This one is painful, and now it looks like there is bleeding inside maybe?

Well, time to do what psyops does so well: stir shit up and cover it with a bandaid.  Hopefully it will get better?

I go to the post office and they don’t have my box.  I mailed it a week and a half ago from LA, WTF.  I actually sorta never learned to resupply.  These stores quasi suck for GF DF resupply, here goes: peanut butter pepperoni lemon pepper tuna olive oil pumpkin seed bars one instant chili bag chips chocolate bar protein powder builder bars.  Do I have enough to get to Big Bear?  No idea but I’m not convinced.

Then it’s time to eat.  I go to the brewery which is not insanely priced as I am expecting but the service is super slow, I have to ask a couple times if I can order, while seeing others get attended to right away and food brought out even.  Then back to the library for charging/Wi-Fi.  I meet Charlie who has done 7000 miles but never thru hiked until now.  I pick up on his east coast accent, he’s originally from outside Philly, Bucks County.  He tips me off on the video store which is selling 2-outlet us chargers for $8.  Yessss!  I pay him back by going to dinner with him, he sounds hesitant to do things alone, which is funny considering the amount of miles he’s done.  Maybe it’s mostly been with friends, I dunno.  I get a GF pizza without cheese but can’t finish it- poor form.  Oh well, it will make a good breakfast.  The soda crashes me soon and I decide to skip the karaoke which it seems is sorta far away maybe?  I don’t feel up to it.  We stop at the market one last time and I score some discounted GF bread for $1.75, the good soft kind, not the type you have to heat up to actually use.  Yay!  My resupply works now.

I head back to the library to write this jawn and charge some more, arrange my ride for the morning, and hit the sack.


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