Day 15

0 miles

During the night I realize I’ve gotten my period.  A week early.  Whhhhhhyyyy.  On the AT it seemed half of the ladies skipped all of them, I of course got MORE than expected.  Hey, we’re going to talk about this, it happens to half the population, deal with it.

Period is terrible for me, I didn’t even realize until my late 20sin med school that it was medically abnormal.  Well, everyone else in my family had periods like this; I remember my mom telling me about how she had to wear rubber panties for protection when she was a kid.  Dysmennorhea AND metrorrhagia.  It’s possible I have endometriosis or fibroids, a gyno suspected that, but I never investigated that because I didn’t have medical insurance at the time.  And doctors are the worst patients, plus if pain is a constant, sometimes you kinda get used to it you know and not seek out help for it?  It’s gotten better with age for sure, and with Chinese herbs mostly and a little with acupuncture, but I’ve gotten lazy again in last months when I ran out of herbs for it on the ship I was working on, the ones that regulated it, not just helped for the pain.  At any rate this explains the nausea and cramps that have been starting up.  At least I’m in town, but Deep Creek is in two days whyyyyy.
I get up and go out for breakfast around 8, sit with some other hikers I’d met previously.  They had managed to get into the hostel before Star Wars shut it down.  I get a few things for resupply from the hiker box, then head to the other side of town where I get a pretty nice stash between Dollar Tree, Vons, and Stater Bros.

The people on the bus are also eccentric.  One guy is another bus driver who seems to just like to hang out on the bus when he’s not driving.  Another guy says to me, VERY seriously, “You. Have. A. GREAT. Memorial Day.”  All right then.

I get back to the room where slooooowly I assemble resupply, eat sorbetto, salad, and chicken.  Later I go out for karaoke at Murray’s, where apparently they have it 7 days a week?  What?  I get there before 8pm, it’s packed with locals, and people are getting druuuuuunked up.

I text Dustin: “Oh shit this looks amazing.  Its packed, locals, some guy singing “Strokin'”?  The MC is in full cowboy getup.”

He comes on over.  Immediately upon sitting down he almost gets jabbed in the eye by a cue stick by some drunkees who I am not sure have yet successfully pocketed any balls.  This is an excuse for one of the ladies to chat him up on behalf of her brother.

“I have GOT to give him your number.”

After she wanders off Dustin comments, “Wow, she figured that out REAL quick.”

I go up to sing my song, Bohemian Rhapsody.  I do some banter with the MC before which the crowd likes but I suck at singing since I can’t hear the music and I am distracted by the MC and two other people who are grabbing at each other and things and stuff immediately to my right?  But the crowd loves a PCT hiker apparently, I get 7 high-fives on my way back.  Meanwhile, Dustin tells me all these girls keep coming up to him and kissing him on the cheek, WTF.  By the way!  It’s only like 9pm at this point.  We finish our drinks, the girl tells us again about how she’s setting Dustin up with her brother.  “And I’m gonna hook up with you, sweetie!”  Well, I look shocked and not cool at all, I’m always sensitive to this as I can never get a boyfriend and it wouldn’t be the first time people have assumed I was lesbian which I never really get but anyways.  She’s like, just kidding honey, I’m married, but I’m annoyed at myself for reacting this way.

Anyway, definitely a classy evening, at this point it’s time to beat a retreat and head for bed.


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