Day 17

27.8 miles hiked

310 total

Today the big question was, to do hot springs in the evening and hike out, or stop just short and do the next day.  IDK IDK IDK.

Got moving a little late, closer to 6:30, but did ok on time.  Got more exposed than I was expecting!  Finally got my umbrella out but a fair amount of overgrowth on the trail, had to keep taking it down.

Got to Deep Creek for siesta, and let me tell you, I sure did pass out there.  It had gotten really hot and sunny so I needed to take a break.  But first!  Another amazing wrap, this one with “nutella”, freeze dried peaches, avocado, and spearmint pulled from the stream.  Around 3:00 I decided to go for it.

I didn’t move superfast and got passed by the others, but wasn’t too far behind.  I decided to go in the springs nude like maybe 30% of the people there since that’s what I did every other time I’ve been and I didn’t want to hike out in wet togs.

Of course, this dude is trying to have a conversation with me.  Nice enough guy but it’s awkward because he is wearing clothes and I am not and he is very obviously trying not to look and I am not really able to relax into the water, kinda covering myself up.  So I don’t stay in long.  But!  Awesome to have dry underwear after.

The usual old hippies are nowhere to be found, it’s Memorial Day weekend, most of these people are first-timers, it’s ripe for a raid (you can’t camp within a mile).  So despite the many tents there me and another guy hike out.  Surely we’ll find some stealth spot.

We go one mile, there’s a spot but a tent is already parked there.  Keep going, and going.  Lights on because it’s dark.  We get to the bridge over Deep Creek, there are supposed to be a ton of spots.  We see a couple tents below, and one guy cowboy camped with his gear everywhere in the middle of a spot that could easily fit 2-3 more people.

“Sorry, everything’s full.  Just told some others to go on.”  WTF.  Spacehog.

We turn the bend, the other guy sees some sort of space behind some rocks.  I go a few more meters, find some space directly next to the trail that’s big enough for my sleeping pad plus 6 inches.

“I’ve camped in sketchier spots,” he says.

“Works for me.”


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