Day 19

12.3 miles hiked

342 total

Well, not too much to say about today.  Woke up around 6, hiking by 6:30.  Town was on the horizon, time to mash.  I did the 12.3 miles in 3 hours!  For some reason I thought there was an uphill and downhill of equal length, but it seemed like a lot more down than up, so I was flying.  Once you got over the final ridges, just super awesome views!  I love ridgewalking!

I decided to try McDonald’s, it was fairly gross.  Well, check that off for the next 15 years.  I was planning to stay in the Best Western where I had a box shipped, no one else was staying.  Headed over, got my room, loafed, ate Del Taco twice.  2nd time I got brave and ordered 12 tacos since on Tuesdays they were 3/$1.29 and I could pack them out.  There is no salsa on them but I bet they will taste good.  Totally stole this idea from Carrot Quinn’s blog.

Not sure what to pack for 5ish days and 30 miles no water and like 6000 feet elevation change.  I have 6L water probably too much food and 10 tacos.  Alarm set for 4am yikes.


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