Day 22

26.2 miles hiked

418.6 total

This morning I’m kinda tired, f it, I’m starting late.  I don’t actually get myself on trail until 7.  The Burkhart trail leading back to the PCT is really nice, with some rare things called shade and water nearby.  But once on trail it goes uphill, not steep, but I draaaaaag, take a million breaks, go slow.  By 11 something I finally make it to Camp Glenwood.  There is water, and two other hikers, and a picnic table in direct sun.  Well, guess I’m taking lunch early.  The other hikers are pretty cool and have a good amount of hiking experience between them.  Eventually however, it’s time to go.  I aim for a small spring where I take a 1.5 hr break.  It’s hot!  I’m feeling ok though, so will try to get to the Fire Station as I hoped, that has both water and a privy.

I start to move faster as the sun gets lower in the sky.  I don’t see anyone pass me, guess the other hikers stopped earlier.

I get down to the station around 8, yay!  Very happy I pulled off the 26 miles.  Time to crash, I gotta do the same again tomorrow.  Annnd, fail.  I cowboy camp right next to the loudest snorer, I don’t have time for this.  I set up my sleeping bag directly on the path down the hill, F it.  Goodnight!


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