Day 25

11.4 miles hiked

465.9 total

I wake up pretty much normal time.  Try to sleep/can’t/eat rice Chex and drink coffee.  When the first town shuttle leaves I hop on, half out of boredom.  I order sweet potato fries and sausage as I don’t love breakfast foods, along with more coffee.  They are huge orders and I take half back with me.
More not-blogging, reading rando stuff on the interweb, there’s rumors of 400 hikers stalled in Kennedy Meadows due to the massive snows but no one can verify.  I eat a cucumber and tomato with hummus, listen to Dragonfly and Pickles work on a song called “Everybody’s Got A Butthole” for about 5 hours.  Puppy stitches a patch on my dress; she seems really irritable and says she’s been doing 16 hr days.  I realize after I leave I should’ve bought a beer for her or something rather than just thanks, shoot.  Finally someone says it’s 4:30, I hurriedly pack everything (my stuff is all over the place), eat the rest of the Chex, and head to town on the 5pm shuttle.  I have one last salad at the restaurant as well as a giant Americano which is the fuel I will need: I’m going to try to night hike as far as possible the 24 miles to Green Valley where there is another hiker-friendly trail angel.

Maybe at 7:45 I head out.  Somehow I didn’t realize there was a 2 mile roadwalk.  Sweet!  I actually love roadwalks.  I check more things on the internets. Finally I hit the trail proper.  I see another couple up ahead go on some trail off to the right.  Hmmm…where they goin’?  I check my GPS, well, I’m on the trail.   Ooooooook.

I start heading up at a relaxed pace.  I don’t stress as much about my speed when night hiking as I feel like any of them are bonus miles.  I pass other hikers, everyone is in bed already.  Not me!  I’m trying for Vampire Mode, although I’m dubious it will last all night.  It is awesome though as it’s bright enough to hike without a headlamp.  What a yin way to live.  Defeating the heat not through force but by avoidance, embracing the coolness of the night, its dim but sufficient light.  I can see my shadows but can’t manage to capture it on film.

I start getting sleepy though after midnight, and aim for a tentsite about halfway through the slog.  There’s already tents there so I set up a cowboy in a space under a manzanilla next to the trail, hoping to get up early and polish off the rest.


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