Day 27

39.4 miles holy schnikes!!!!!!

517.6 total

“Okay, everybody get in a picture.”

“It takes you a month to get here, the butt is a bonus.”

Well, now I know why it’s called Casa de Luna.  Pretty much sums up the morning.  Breakfast, lounging, wanting food, talking about random things with random people.  I guess a lot more of this happened on the AT bc of the shelters; I never got in a group here.  I don’t think people actively dislike me or anything, at least I hope.  Story of my life.  For some reason people have “heard about me” tho, and I have no idea if that’s good or bad.  Meeting a dude named Bass Bone, I’m 100% sure he named himself, further confirmed by the fact he confides in me that no one on trail knows what that means.  But still!  SUPER unusual for someone of that world to be out here.  He grew up in a different time, for sure: went to state U (sure there was a good teacher there), won audition for local good-sized orchestra soon after, boom, a career and making a living.  He plays in Brass Band of Battle Creek so I’m sure he’s a great player, but still:  this sorta thing doesn’t happen so much these days.  I know some people who play there so ask him to say hi.

I ask if he wants to go to the cafe for a burger, he’s down but needs to wait for his buddy (a Dutch sound technician) to take a shower.  I admit I’m jealous; why am I always alone or around people who don’t have common interests so often.  Ok, get over it.  The burgers are fantastic, maybe best in trail so far.  The fries definitely are, no contest, but the piece de resistance is the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich using a 100-yr old recipe, including pecans.  The guys go for it too, and we are soooo not disappointed.

I head back and gluten/dairy-fog out on a hammock for a while.

I wake after a bit and finally for whatever reason I seem to be approaching escape velocity.  I finally pack, buy a beer off Bass Bone, and I’m gone.  I have a craaaaaazy idea in mind and my engine is gathering speed, let’s do it!  It’s the hostel to hostel to hostel challenge, I made it up in my head.  Can I hike 39 miles??  I go to the cafe and buy a large iced coffee.  3…2…1…blast off!

I don’t even know what to tell you about the next 19 hours except I started slow going up the hill out of town, it was windy again but not awful, I am so sick of Jamiroquai, I am delirioso, apparently night hiking makes you miss all the flies, also I just couldn’t be bothered to grab water, I seem to need half as much when night hiking.  I left town with 3L for this reason.  I nap for a couple hours at some sketch trailside spot about halfway thru.

The next morning is sunny but not too bad; the wind makes it not feel really hot which is good bc it’s too windy for an umbrella!! Haha.

About 7 miles before the end I am starting to crash a little, I also need to poop but there hasn’t been a good spot.  I scout down the road a little.  I don’t find a good poop spot but I DO find a half-full 1L bottle of coke.  Hmmm.  I look at it, it looks new.  I open it, pssst!  Whoa!  Still carbonated.  What the hell, I take a tiny sip.  It tastes not old and not contaminated.  I take a slightly bigger swig.  I wait, I feel fine.  Screw it.  I down it, thus ascending (descending?) to a new level of hikertrash.  Wow, I mean, just wow.

The last 7 miles obviously go pretty good.  The terrain goes up and down and people later talk about it being a roller coaster but I know what the real trail roller coaster is on the AT, way worse than this.  It is sooooo windy on the last stretch which joins a dirt road.  It is just overall, incredibly windy on the PCT.

Finally I get to the intersection, I guess Hikertown is to the right.  I am greeted by this, it looks like a ghost town.


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