Day 28

13.3 miles hiked

530.9 total

Wooooo made it to hikertown I am still hiiiiiigh on exercise-induced endorphins and adrenaline!  And coke, but not the powder, the cancer-causing kind in a bottle.  Holy shit holy shit holy shit I just hiked 39 miles.  The owner is not there but there is another hiker who shows me the cat therapy area.  A kitten almost immediately jumps under my dress at my crotch, wow.  Guess it is pretty stinky down under.  A shuttle is leaving in 15 minutes great!

I order the gordito burrito which is basically 2 burritos.  My intention is to pack one out but actually I eat it all in 10 minutes?  Right.  The cafe is super random, there’s this hangout room where you could theoretically buy poker chips and beers.  They must be doing bonkers tho, locals and hikers in and out all day.  The new owner started marketing to hikers as soon as he took over a year ago.

Back to the hostel, owner is still not there, it is super rando, new people I have never seen before (I guess that’s redundant).  Part of me says to stay bc it’s cheap and also “Delay The Sierras” but I am still super hopped up on adrenaline.  I go back to the cafe, order an iced coffee and tacos.  “I don’t know how to do this, are 3 and a half shots of espresso ok?”  Wheeeeeeeee guess who’s about to night hike.


Little bit of crossing farms first and then go.  I make two really shitty videos that are not making it to this page.I have been waiting for this the entire trip, I am so excited, that actually it doesn’t even matter that actually it’s not all that great, but hey!  It’s flat and suuuuper windy and cool in the desert.  This means I can hike reaaaalllllly fast, like almost 4mph, and also sing all the songs.People are starting to drop like flies.  I see Bridget and Tyler struggling to set up their tent in the wind.  It later nearly collapses on them.  I roll by, singing Lauryn Hill badly but with enthusiasm.About 4 miles before the water faucet I just crash.  Goodbye, caffeine-and-adrenaline high!  Well, I knew it would happen.  I set my alarm earlyish planning to siesta at the next water source, Tylerhorse Canyon.


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