Day 29

16.9 miles hiked

547 total

I am successful with my cowboy camp and even manage to git on the road 4:30 or so.  4 miles to the faucet!  On my way there and notice more wind turbines and take a zillion photos, one of these will make it to my Facebook page.  It’s not too windy!  Haha, famous last words on the PCT.

I’m not really hungry and have enough water so I push on to Tylerhorse Canyon where I know I am going to need siesta hardcore.  I’m slow on the ascent, not just bc of ascending, but bc of ¡WIND!  Holy Batman lotta wind again.  Well, at least it’s keeping things cool.

I make it to the canyon a little before 8:30 and there’s a good little stream.  What I do not see is shade.  I scout around the immediate area and jam my mattress between two juniper bushes with my umbrella blocking additional sun.  I read a little (just downloaded a new DK Holmberg book!  Currently my favorite fantasy author) and then sleep a bit.

Around 11 I wake, the sun is doin’ its thing and I need to find shade again.  I see this tree of trail and go over to investigate.  Everyone’s there, 3 tents!  I set up cowboy and crash hard.  I wake later and see that the S-band (a bunch of the guys have trail names starting with S? I just made that up now) as well as Bridget/Whole have showed up.  People start to leave, I am the last one out at 6pm.

I want to do 8 more miles but there is this big hill looming.  I sit in the valley before the last big up, 4 miles, take a long break.  A few more?  I see a snake after a mile.

After another mile I find this unmarked tent site.  I am kinda over the wind and there is a spot on the other side of the tent site, next to a huge dead juniper, that has little wind and blocked from 2 other sides from other juniper.  It’s also 4 inches from the trail.  Exactly my style.  I roll out my stuff, enjoy the extra sleep!  I need it!


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