Day 32

12.5 miles hiked

571 total

Wake up early cold bc For Sure took all the covers again.  I don’t know why I am so annoyed with her, I guess the underlying resentment of her not even offering to get me lunch or a drink or whatever is giving me cause to be annoyed about as many things as possible.  Well, I’m up.  F it I’m slackpacking myself- I get the early bus hitch back easily do it and back to town in under 4 hrs, all before For Sure wakes up.

I head down for breakfast, For Sure comes down, and then leaves while I am doing internets things.  I delay the inevitable w/ late check out, I want to watch TV but can’t figure out how to use the remote.  I drink another limon pepino gatorade, take another epsom salt bath.  Finally I take the bus again to get out.

It’s flat at first right by road but sooooo windy.  I have a Marilyn Monroe moment right by the highway, whoops!  Looks like you truckers get a show.  I finally start to ascend but it’s gotta be around 60 mph gusts, I am literally being knocked to the side, and sometimes have to stop and wait for it to die down before I can make forward progress again.  Is this the new hiker cross training: hiking uphill in a wind-tunnel.  Eat that, the NFL.  Of course there are wind turbines in distance, I feel like I’m in some sort of futuristic horror landscape where all there are are turbines and desert.   Finally I see campsite that’s basically like a bunker. I wanted to go more than 5 miles in evening but oh well stop at 6. I don’t see anyone the rest of the night- it’s amazing how alone I am out here, even within the bubble.


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