Day 33

21.9 miles hiked

592.9 total

It was super windy and noisy around all night, but unlike the second night I had on trail, but the bunker kept me ok.  Slowly the wind died down a little so prolly this was a good decision.  I tried to congratulate myself on this small thing, I often don’t give myself credit.  It’s hard out here doing such a physical thing when I’m not a particularly strong person (though, with pretty good endurance and usually avoiding injury); brains just aren’t as sexy as raw muscle and extreme physical accomplishments out here.  Even tho you really need the former to consider having the latter, at least in the long run.

On my way up I see the German dude from the weekend.  “Hey,” I say.  “Forget something?”  “No.”  Um.  “You’re headed the wrong way?”  “Nope, the right way.”  He’s done.  Wow, it unnerves me a bit how he could change his mind so drastically in just a day.  I guess he already had a good PCT experience last year but still, he was so sure.

I am slowish today but how is that unusual?  Sigh.  But my miles aren’t horrible, I’ll live with it.  I trudge up a dirt road that’s surprisingly crevassed and challenging and exposed and sweaty.

Well, I get to the water source about 12 miles in.  I see Skip and Styles who I haven’t seen since Julian at the water source.  Their friends Wes aka Cookie and his girl? are sick w/noro in Tehachapi.  They want to do like 19 more to next water.   Am I?  Nope!!

A couple and I aim for Hamp Williams pass. I keep calling it Hank Williams passvin my mind.  I am intrigued by cow comments on Guthook, I want to stay here!

“I would not camp here again.  Some cows showed up seemed upset, like I was in their spot. They made a ton of unholy noise no cow should ever make right outside my tent until I got out and shined my light on them they shut up and left.  Probably my scariest night on the trail so far.”


But even with this inspiration it’s pretty durn hot and exposed in the afternoon.  I get passed by people including the couple from the water source.  I arrive at 6:30 at low point before the small climb to the pass.  There’s a huge tent site here.  I stop to eat.  F it I’m not hiking 3.5 more staying here and this is how I end up in my sleeping bag by 7:30.


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