Day 34

25.9 miles hiked

618.8 total

I wake up in the morning and it looks like a mouse bit hole in my food bag, ate a larabar.  Well, really digging them much anyway.  I have this metallic taste on lips again why???  Oh well, time to hike.

I see some sort of antenna as I ascend.  Maybe there is a secret cow society here.  Hyperintelligent cows who have connectios with their space ancestors, all laughing at these silly humans trudging up the hill while they laze about and eat tins without needing all that exercise.

I soon have to poop, and realize a HUGE problem- I don’t know where my wet wipes are!  Luckily there is like actual vegetation here and the soil is nice soft humus to dig into.  I use found material- oak leaves, and some miners’ lettuce which I’m super stoked by.

Slow and steady as usual today, folks!

I see no one until 430 when I meet Sam just starting the 5 mile descent to Kelso Road, where there should be a huge water cache waiting for us.  She lost 20lb already, super cool for taking charge of her health!

I get to Kelso and then Bartender and Sam rendezvous with me about 45 minutes after I get there.  It’s so nice to chill here with these girls, but one look at what’s ahead, lotta exposed desert, I know I have to get started with this at night when it’s cool.  Yoy.

I make a last push.  I poop at the bottom, then 1 more uphill into the thick of the Mojave.  There is nothing, just sage, grass, sand, and joshua trees.  It’s a total of 3 more miles before it becomes dark.  There’s no moon, so finito.


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