Day 36

22.5 miles hiked

660.7 miles total

I have a feeling like it will be another long siesta day.  Let’s see.  I wake up a little late but am on trail 5ish.  A mile out I see Bartender just leaving.  We know there’s trail magic with root beer floats courtesy of Coppertone at Walker Pass.  Let’s move!

I follow the rabbit aka bartender 13 miles in 4 hrs.  It’s the fastest I’ve hiked, and I keep up mostly until the descent where I lose her.  It’s good to push myself but I can’t do it all the time.  I wouldn’t want to join their group- she’s one of the “slower” ones and I can’t even keep up with her when she’s got a bum knee.  Eh, I’m getting over these things.

People do the same as yesterday, leave 10 or 11 to hike into the exposed heat/climb.  I don’t get it, time for siesta!  Bang Bang and I are the only ones who stay.

I meet Bang Bang’s family who have come to hike with her.  Her mom is French which explains why she speaks it so well!  She discards a book she is not enjoying, Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.  I, however, find it right up my alley.  Wow.  This is just not the book I’d expect from a comic, but it’s surprisingly well researched without being boring.

A local trail angel comes in bearing gifts of expired baked goods.  He says there are 150 people at Kennedy Meadows, he was just there yesterday.  12 people have gotten thru to Mammoth, but they all did it when there was still snow bridges.  We all wonder what will the thaw do.

It’s a tutu day for Tanya it seems.   Everyone pretty sapped from the heat.  My siesta is again 930-630 there’s a guilt thing but whatevs?  I’m always working smarter not harder tho its not as impressive.

I make it up, then around the big mountain.  I see a lot of people, those who left before me, camped after 3-5 miles.  Gotta do some more.  It gets increasingly sketch, with wind, sand, lots of rocks, and steep drop offs.  I am looking for a place to stop by mile 6 but nothing.  Finally I get to the top, I’m about to throw down a cowboy camp, but 2 things happen.  My ground sheet just starts flapping like crazy due to the wind, and I hear rustling down below.  After last night’s encounter I wonder if it’s an animal, but it’s actually a couple camped out down below in a stealth spot.  Whoops, sorry for waking ya. Embarrassed and not liking the wind I decide to push on.

It’s another 3ish miles before I find a spot on a saddle.  Good enough!  At least I pumped a couple extra miles out.


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