Day 45

1156.7-1164.4 7.4 miles haha

In the morning Gourmet and I wake, but don’t want to get up.  It’s cold once you get out of the quilt!  We have to start upon the inevitable however.  We come down from the bunkhouse and Ed makes us coffee.  Wow, even more epic trail magic.  He gives us a ride to the post office in Truckee where Gourmet mails a too-short ice axe home and her bear canister, and some extra food ahead to Sierra City.  Will we get there in 2 days or 4?  We have no idea.

We hitch over to the I-80 visitor station where the trail picks up and get started.  It’s just, snow.  I posthole while we’re still in sight of the visitor’s center and realize later I’ve lost my sunglasses.

We have to start using GPS to navigate within the first mile.  I turn off my phone to save battery, Gourmet is the navigator and I’m the scout.  It’s just tedious, but also fun even when a little sketch?  We get to a meadow where the Peter Grubb Hut is supposed to be, it’s a realm of small suncups.  We take a break on a small clearing of rocks and we’re already past it? Well.  We ascend and then skeeeeeettcchhily descend a small hill.

Our goal for the day is North Creek bridge, which according to Guthook is a good place to camp.  It turns out to be the only snow-free place to camp within many miles, with the trail covered in snow right up to the edges of the bridge.  The Guthook comment also says “95% of trail in snow” from the hut onwards, it’s sure right!  But the bridge is dry and sunny even so we lay out our wet footwear, eat dinner, and sleep in anticipation of another tough day ahead.


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