Day 46

14.9 miles 1179.3

I wake up in the middle of the night.  The stars are crazy, I can see the milky way.  Suddenly, the bridge shakes.  Earthquakes? Avalanches? Huh?  “Did you feel that?”  Gourmet says.  “Yup.”

The bridge shakes again a little later.  What is this is this thing going to collapse what is even happening.  The bridge seems really stable but is there, like, an avalanche that’s going to flood everything?  We use 2am logic which tells us that the safest place is on the concrete steps supporting the bridge on the north side.  That being the only side that is adjacent that is not snow-covered.

There are a few more tremors throughout the night.  I really don’t know what to think.  Am I in over my head.  Snow, GPS nav, now earthquakes which I never ever read as a possibile thing to watch out for whilst hiking.

Eventually I sleep hard, dreaming that I was trying to look up earthquake and Truckee on the internet, but it was a foreign keyboard and I can’t get “e” to type correctly without accents on it.

We don’t want to get up in the morning, we’ve wet cold bags, but we also don’t want to get wiped out by a flooding river?  A relatively late start on trail around 6:40.  The water level is more than a foot less and we can actually see the first 5 feet of trail!

Ugghhh but then there’s All The Snow.  HOWEVER, today we put on our microspikes and this helps sooooo much!  Yay!  Crunch crunch crunch- it’s a satisfying sound.  We try to follow tracks when we can, but there’s not much so far.  We know a group of 5-6 hikers are a day ahead, where are all the tracks?  There’s a bridge at the next stream, along with a campsite that’s completely underwater.

There’s another small tremor, eek!  I am just so grateful I have a hiking partner right now.

Finally we get up towards a ridge, see some open trail.  There’s a guy above !  I say hi.  He asks who we are.  I say Haiku and Gourmet.  He splits and we never see him again.  I feel like that’s pretty rude?

We keep seeing his tracks and they are pretty accurate so not entirely mad at him tho.  We name him Boot-Ski because apparently he is always doing that.  He also decides on a lot of sketchy spots that are right by covered trees but the tracks help us make much better time than yesterday sooo?

Maybe around 3 we finally start to have more trail than GPS snow nav.  We crush a little and are super stoked to have 15 miles today by 6!  Mule ear creek is the name.

Speaking of aminals, a deer at the campsite doesn’t give a fuck, comes within 15 feet of us, whatevs.

A little before 8 some other hikers come. They said there was an earthquake about 4.0 epicenter 20 km n of Truckee guess where we were?  Haha!  I’m totally googling this when I get to Sierra City which is hopefully tomorrow yay!


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