Updateage from Oregonia

Heyyyyy kiddos.

So much has happened since I last wrote.  Well, in some ways not so much at all.  I hiked about 1400 miles of PCT now.  I had a total of two weeks off due to shin splints and then other day by day injury-annoyances that made me lose momentum and think about quitting.  A lot.  Also blogging became something I didn’t feel like doing anymore, maybe I was just doing it for some attention I wasn’t even getting, so once I got over my narcissistic self, I wasn’t into it.  Tho I do have notes and might go back once the trail is done, IDK.  But then Castle Crags and Trinity Alps and Marble Mountain Wilderness happened and my legs stopped hurting and period finished for the month and I even met a few cool hikers I gelled with/hiked similar paces to and I built some real momentum coming into Ashland.

THEN my buddy Grouse/Quickstart showed up to hike Oregon with me.  Well, she’s called Whatever now.  I was super afraid she would kick my ass mileage-wise but actually we hike really similar AND she also likes huge siestas AND laughs at my jokes so it’s been superfuntime.  Well, until someone set Oregon on fire.

We managed to hike few a couple areas right before they were closed so we managed to get to Crater Lake where there was a reasonable amount of confusion.  No hitchhiking allowed and no way to hike anywhere, even the rim alternate was closed.  A trail angel set up a shuttle around the closure but then this one ranger who like, was last picked for the soccer team as a kid cracked down on it so we had to stealth sneak into her van.  But we found Diamond Lake had pizzas and beautiful camping so here we are!  Gonna hike to Bend via Shelter Cove etc and then reassess from there, since there’s another closure north of that.

Anyway that’s what’s up, and we had an epic smoke-enhanced sunset over Mt Bailey from our campsite tonight (which lousy cell service isn’t letting me upload), so all is decent enough in the world.  What even is the PCT this year.