These are the things in my pack on current adventures.

I need to hike ultralight bc I have spina bifida occulta and when I carry too much my back starts spasming like whoa.  I started to have issues when I was a freshman in high school- super uncool to have back issues as a kid.  I’ve found the best thing for me is to just carry less weight instead of looking for a “supportive” backpack.

I also tend to get pretty cold, so this is my way to deal with that.  A lot of the 6-lb baseweights use a quilt that’s like 30F, I have a 10F sleeping bag/beefy puffy/goodly amt clothes.

I also have grown to like having a fair amount of battery power for listening to music and such so there’s easily area to trim there.  This setup covers most areas.

Gear: 7.64 lb (not including the Chainsen aka microspikes)

On the AT my base was about 8 and on the PCT 6.5-7 except in the Sierras.  I have the new phone/brick now, and an actual rain jacket again but still the umbrella, so back up in the 7’s again.

Item Name Category desc weight
Hexamid solo tarp  w/tieouts, stuff, etc 6.7
Sea to summit bug net Shelter/Big 4 2.9
Polycryo ground cloth Shelter/Big 4 1.6
Neoair Xlite Women’s Shelter/Big 4 11.6
Zpacks 10F quilt Shelter/Big 4 slim, full zip 22.1
Stakes (6) Shelter/Big 4 1 mini groundhog, 1 long titanium, 4 small titanium…lost a lot on the PCT  1.5
Noblebear MFG 35L Shelter/Big 4 Custom pack w/x-pac, similar to pa’lante 10
Trashbag Shelter/Big 4 just normal not compactor 1
Cap 4 hoodie Clothes  it’s aight 6.5
Uniqlo heattech leggings Clothes they have a long inseam, yay! 3.5
Goosefeet Gear jacket Clothes 4oz down!!! 7
Uniqlo airism bikini Clothes town/swimming/Aunt Flo 0.5
Uniqlo airism bra Clothes trimmed. for town/swimming. 2
Darn tough merino socks Clothes ultralight no cushion 1.5
Zpacks fleece hat Clothes 0.9
Black Diamond fleece gloves Clothes .6
Frogg Toggs Emergency Jacket Clothes Women’s.  Honestly works better than a wind shirt too 3 (replaced heavy drawstring)
Mini Bic Cooking 0.4
Plastic spoon Cooking it works fine 0.1
OPsak Cooking it’s only aiight but works for the skurk? 1.2
Starlyte stove w/integrated pot stand Cooking .5
Fuel bottle Cooking 8oz water bottle .4
EpiGas 800mL pot Cooking  w/foil lid 3.1
Sawyer squeeze Water 2.5
Evernew 2L Water I am so excited I found one! 1.5
Smartwater bottle 1L x2 Water subtract/add as needed 1.8
Mini nail clippers Misc 0.4
Deuce of spades (extra stake for tent) Misc 0.6
AGPtek Mp3 player Misc 8GB can add 64GB card 0.8
Phone Misc LG Xcharge 4500 mA lots o jooce 5.8
Charger Misc 1
Headphones Misc 0.5
Pen/maps Misc 1.5
1st aid + repair Misc 1.1
Anker 10000 brick Misc new phone doesn’t have replaceable batteries 😦 6.35
Wallet/cash/cards Misc Tend to have couple cards b/c of my banking activities 1
Euroschirm swing liteflex umbrella Misc UV silver 8
Fenix LD02 Misc 1
Suunto clipper compass Misc 0.2
Ibex dress Worn whatever merino dress is cheapest on ebay 0
Dirty Girls Worn bling bandana 1.1oz 0
Darn tough merino socks Worn 1/4 ultralight no cushion 0
Altra Lone Peaks 3.0 Worn women’s 11 about 18 oz 0
Fizan trekking poles Worn 0
Ridiculous hat Worn Stairway Guide in hunter orange 0
Snowline light chainsen Snow areas Awesome, lighter than kahtoola microspikes 8.7